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How To Recover Lost Data From Hard Disk: 5 Easy Methods

Hard disk failure or data loss is one of the most depressing things that can happen to a computer user. Whether you’ve just bought a new hard disk and want to back up your photos or you’ve had a hard disk go kaput and want to get your files back, you’re probably feeling pretty bummed.

But fear not. There are plenty of ways of data recovery services to recover data from your hard disk that won’t cost you a penny. Here’s how:

Reformat Your Hard Disk

It might feel like a last resort but reformatting your hard disk is one of the easiest things you can do to recover lost data. There are two ways to reformat your hard disk:

1) Use a command prompt in Windows or Terminal in Mac OS X

2) Install free software like Stellar Data Recovery or Recuva By using a command prompt in Windows or Terminal in Mac OS X.

You can reformat your hard disk and recover your lost data by following these steps:

1) Open the Command Prompt app on Windows or Terminal on Mac OS X.

2) Type “diskpart” (without quotes) and press enter.

3) Type “list volume” (without quotes).

4) Your volume will be listed under Volume 1. Identify which volume is your target hard disk and note its number from the list of volumes. Then type “select volume x” (without quotes), where x is the number of your target hard disk.

5) Type “clean” (without quotes).

6) Follow these steps for each volume on your computer, up to five. 7) Type “exit” and press enter to exit the program.

Install A Data Recovery Software

If you don’t have data recovery software, I recommend installing one. There are plenty of free and paid options available for data recovery. Most of them will be able to help you get your files back. Just make sure that it has good reviews and is compatible with your operating system.

Reset Your Hard Disk

The first and most obvious way to recover lost data from your hard disk is to simply reset your hard disk. This will wipe all the data on it, so make sure you have a backup of everything before doing this. If you’ve already done that, try these easy methods:

1) Check-in Windows Disk Management to see if any partitions are available. If they are, take note of their size and the number of files on them.

2) Using a program like Recuva, scan through the entire hard drive for deleted files. Since there is no file system or indexing for deleted files, Recuva will help you find them.

Is your hard disk physically damaged?

If you think your hard disk is physically damaged, it’s time to take your machine to a professional. If the data is still salvageable and no real physical damage has been done, there are plenty of ways to get your data back without spending a dime.

Back up your data regularly

The most important thing you can do is to back up your data regularly. If you have a second hard disk or a USB stick, put your files on that and make sure it’s always saved on an external device.

If you have photos on your computer, make sure they’re backed up to an external drive as well. Another way to recover lost data from hard disks is by using software like Recuva.

Lastly, if all else fails and you really need to get your files back as soon as possible, try booting into Safe Mode. This will bring up a limited operating system with minimal programs running in order to help speed things along. However, this might cause the loss of essential information that was stored in another part of the computer.


Hard disk failure is a common problem that can lead to the loss of important data. There are a number of ways you can prevent this from happening and recover your lost data.